Professor Karen Hussey

Professor Karen Hussey is a leading Australian researcher in the field of public policy and governance, particularly in the areas of sustainable development, environmental policy and international trade. Trained as a political scientist and economist, Karen has a unique breadth and depth of research and policy engagement experience, having conceived, designed, conducted and delivered cutting edge social science research focused a range of sectors Рincluding climate change mitigation and adaptation, water, energy, waste, urban management, critical infrastructure, international trade, and biotechnology in the health system Рenabling a rare competence to achieve a comparative perspective on policy and governance issues. She has led the development of innovative intellectual and policy approaches to sustainability and risk, combining traditional disciplinary expertise with a close understanding of the particular attributes of policy problems. Her most recent publications include Australia, the EU and the New Trade Agenda (ANU Press), Climate, Energy and Water (Cambridge University Press), and Environment and Sustainability: A Policy Handbook (Federation Press).